Your name is KIDK MIRAI, although you wonder just how HIGH you even had to BE just to DO something like that.

Your interests include CARTOONS, COMICS, and NOVELS about FICTIONAL SCIENCE and sometimes WIZARDS.

You wield the PENKIND specibus, because you like to WRITE and DRAW a lot, and you like to refer to yourself as the MAGE of LAW, although in reality you are just a garden-variety ATTORNEY.

You are also a HUGE FANGIRL and your BLOG is likely to consist mostly if not entirely of COOL FAN-RELATED NONSENSE. The rest will consist of photos of your various CROCHET projects, because you are obsessed with YARN.




this OP fucked me up too much when it came out

Anonymous asked: Ever since tumblr user fuckyeahstormhawkscreens did a screencap comic of it in their monthiversary tag I've thought of Control Myself by Maroon 5 as your theme song.


Stork pauses for a long time as he looks up the lyrics, pale yellow eyes darting over the words.

"…." Those eyes glaze over because of something, perhaps some distant memory, before he closes them and shakily runs a hand over his face.

"….It’s accurate." His voice sounds reluctant and quivery at the same time.

Reblogging because oh my gosh someone remembered the time I did a thing.

But oh no Stork no I’m sorry if the comparison brought up bad memories, please don’t be upset!! When I did the thing I made the song be about how you like to go home to the Condor because it’s safe and wonderful and also how you violently eject people like the Raptors from your ship and such. It’s a more upbeat song than it sounds like from the lyrics.


Pretty crystals.

I love how Aerrow just backs away silently in the last gif.

28 Days of Storm Hawks
Day 4: The Doomy Dooms of Doom

Stork’s gonna sing the Doom Song now!!!

(Source: xarciel)


Finn’s moment.

This was a pain to gif, considering there were so many screenshots! But it’s my second fave moment (after Stork’s) and I really love watching Finn pull off his amazing guitar moves. 

Gosh, the animation here is just gorgeous too.

When You Reverse Things


It either makes it harder to do, or funnier.


Them Absolute Zeroes can do both. 


What’s better than Finn being around?
Two Finns!


Stork is extremely dramatic.
Despite being in “Sky Shock”, his ‘drama queen’ nature is still there.

Best potty pirate in the Atmos. Just look at those FEET.


The one very brief shot we get of Piper’s predecessor.


The one very brief shot we get of Piper’s predecessor.




Look me dead in the eye and tell me Aerrow and Ruby would not get along flawlessly


TELL ME!!!!!

Piper and Weiss might kill each other if left in the room for too long unless Ruby makes Weiss promise to be nice because let me tell you Piper is kind but she would shut Weiss down the second she starts bein’ a lil shit

Aerrow and Ruby bond over being young leaders, and share stories about their battle moves and daring escapes. They admire each other’s weapons. Meanwhile Piper and Weiss start passive-aggressively trying to out-organize and plan each other, getting snippier and snippier until they both snap. Their argument includes exclamations that crystal/dust is more powerful. Finn hits on all the girls and Yang punches him across the room, prompting Junko to start hero-worshipping her. Alternatively, Yang teases Finn by flirting back, and Finn has literally no idea what to do about this (and Junko still hero-worships her because come on). Stork has a panic attack over Ruby zipping around and suddenly appearing behind him, but Blake has been quietly standing by watching all this chaos happen and offers him something to breathe into. He decides she is the only sane one.

Junko and Yang decide to do arm wrestling to see who is stronger and Junko starts winning (obviously) so Yang panics and starts slowly making her hand hotter and hotter until he’s like “OUCH YANG ARE YOU DOING THE FIRE THING??? THAT’S CHEATING” and yang shouts back “ITS NOT CHEATING IT’S JUST WHAT MY BODY DOES, IF WE’RE GONNA SAY THAT’S CHEATING THEN YOUR MUSCLES ARE CHEATING!!”

and he gets a little frustrated with her and Finn (who is cheering him on) goes “OH NO SHE DIDN’TTTTT”

so Junko just lifts up his other hand (“Don’t you dare”) and taps the knuckle busters together (“DON’T YOU DARE”) and with the extra boost just like accidentally throws her through the table

"Yang oh my god are you okay"

"RE DO!!" yang says, furiously, "RE DO, I DEMAND A RE DO!!!"

OMG yes yes I just think they’d get along so well because obviously Junko respects strong women and Yang couldn’t possibly stay mad at him because he’s just so sweet and.

Can you imagine the girls getting taken out for skimmer rides and Ruby being so enthusiastically impressed with Aerrow’s aerial fight moves and then both showing each other what they can do AND—

Oh but oh no now I’m picturing what happens if they all go do something to fight a Cyclonian plan together. Weiss and Piper calm down enough to agree on a plan MAYBE, but they’re still being passive-aggressive and if they all run into Cyclonis she’s just like ‘WHAT, NO, white-haired skirt girl you are NOT moving in on my hatefriend territory step off.’