Your name is KIDK MIRAI, although you wonder just how HIGH you even had to BE just to DO something like that.

Your interests include CARTOONS, COMICS, and NOVELS about FICTIONAL SCIENCE and sometimes WIZARDS.

You wield the PENKIND specibus, because you like to WRITE and DRAW a lot, and you like to refer to yourself as the MAGE of LAW, although in reality you are just a garden-variety ATTORNEY.

You are also a HUGE FANGIRL and your BLOG is likely to consist mostly if not entirely of COOL FAN-RELATED NONSENSE. The rest will consist of photos of your various CROCHET projects, because you are obsessed with YARN.



Piper (Storm Hawks)

This is Piper voiced by Chiara Zanni, is the navigation and tactics specialist of the Storm Hawks. She’s also an expert on magical crystals which are capable of vast power; “Crystal Mage” is the official term. Piper often devises elaborate plans for the team to follow, though more often than not the group only manages to complete part of the plan before simply improvising. It annoys her, but she consistently puts up with it because how close they all are. 

Later in the show, Piper is shown to have an ability known as Binding, which allows a Crystal Mage to take temporary control and even improve the one who is hit by this technique.  

Along with the main villain of the series, Master Cyclonis, Piper is the only one who has the skill to use this power but using it comes at a great cost at her health. Cyclonis sees herself as an equal to Piper and the series later on focuses on their rivalry. Piper wants to prove herself as a Crystal Mage, save her friends, and their world so much that she uses the Binding more often than she should despite its negative effects. Fortunately, in the end Piper and the Storm Hawks come out on top.

(submitted by: hahoffman )

I love how at the end of the series it’s Piper, not Aerrow, who is “the one” and who saves the Atmos. He serves as her emotional support and is the one who is being “used” to further her power even though he’s the leader of the squadron


I love Piper.  She isn’t ‘the stereotypical girl team member,’ she stands on her own and has fleshed out strengths and weaknesses and traits.  She’s the tactics specialist, she’s well read, she kicks butt at athletics and has no trouble keeping up with her teammates, and as it does turn out, yeah, she’s the one with the heart and will and strength to end up saving Atmos.  All this while also staying on constant boy-wrangling duty.  But at the same time she isn’t omg a Mary Sue no she’s too perfect kill it with fire, either.  She doubts herself, has some moments of insecurity about her skills, gets frustrated with the others, and eventually bears a terrible physical and emotional cost for the continued use of her strongest magic.  And she can be just as much of a goofball as everyone else (after all, she did dress up in a lamb costume once ‘because it’s fun’).

Piper I love you let’s be best friends forever.

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    Actual perfect character Piper the Storm Hawk
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    I love Piper. She isn’t ‘the stereotypical girl team member,’ she stands on her own and has fleshed out strengths and...
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