Your name is KIDK MIRAI, although you wonder just how HIGH you even had to BE just to DO something like that.

Your interests include CARTOONS, COMICS, and NOVELS about FICTIONAL SCIENCE and sometimes WIZARDS.

You wield the PENKIND specibus, because you like to WRITE and DRAW a lot, and you like to refer to yourself as the MAGE of LAW, although in reality you are just a garden-variety ATTORNEY.

You are also a HUGE FANGIRL and your BLOG is likely to consist mostly if not entirely of COOL FAN-RELATED NONSENSE. The rest will consist of photos of your various CROCHET projects, because you are obsessed with YARN.

I can’t believe I forgot to put this up!!  This is the blanket I made for Bast and her mom as a housewarming gift for their new home here on the East side.  It was made with Red Heart Super Saver yarn in Grey Heather, using a pattern in this book by Bonnie Marie Barker (it’s the one called ‘Winter White’ in the book).  It came out to about 5’x5’5”.  Bast picked the pattern and yarn when she was out here in May/June and I started working on it as soon as she went home so it was ready when she got back here to stay!  I finished off with my usual blanket border of reverse single crochets rather than making the long tassel fringe, but that was my only alteration.  I really liked this pattern, the diamond panels and popcorn diamonds were fun to make.  I hope it will be useful and decorative for its recipients. <3

(Note: This is the same pattern book I used for this cream afghan.  It’s a really good book for fancy blankets.)

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