Your name is KIDK MIRAI, although you wonder just how HIGH you even had to BE just to DO something like that.

Your interests include CARTOONS, COMICS, and NOVELS about FICTIONAL SCIENCE and sometimes WIZARDS.

You wield the PENKIND specibus, because you like to WRITE and DRAW a lot, and you like to refer to yourself as the MAGE of LAW, although in reality you are just a garden-variety ATTORNEY.

You are also a HUGE FANGIRL and your BLOG is likely to consist mostly if not entirely of COOL FAN-RELATED NONSENSE. The rest will consist of photos of your various CROCHET projects, because you are obsessed with YARN.













im never cutting potatoes again

Declaw your cats if you have small children in your house.

Don’t hold glass if you have lotion…

Don’t ride shitty scooters on gravel :’)

Don’t run through rosebushes

Don’t get t-boned by a speeding pickup in your semi-decrepit Camry

you’re a fucking idiot if you use really old rope swings to swing over a lot of sharp rocks into water

because you will fall and you will bleed

Don’t lean against hot pots

Don’t bounce on your mom’s bed while she’s cleaning her room and has placed sharp metal flower sculptures from her bureau onto said bed.

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    This one time my brother threw a snowball
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    Once upon a time I sat on a cigarette. My butt got caught on fire. I got an infection from the burn and now I have cute...
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    My finger got stuck in a door
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    This one time a horse tried to bite off my left middle finger and I had to punch him in the face to get him to let go...
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    On my second day of summer school after 9th grade I was biking home and there was a lot of construction dust in the air...
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    When I was four I was wrestling with my best friend and he accidentally SOMEHOW scratched this HUGE scratch under my...
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    This one time a German Shepherd saw the need to practice his dental acupuncture on my right arm
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    I have a scar under my lip from crashing a power wheels car into a coffee table.
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    My fat cat was being moody
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    When riding my new bike I skidded on a downhill gravel path and ended up with three scars running from the tip of my...
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    I decided to see how stoves worked by touching it with my left index finger. I have the coolest finger print now. It’s...
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    This one time i bent a bus with my forehead
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    (IT WARMS MY DAMN LITTLE HEART TO SEE FRIENDS CONNECTING.) This one time I was born and had a weird spot in the middle...
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