Your name is KIDK MIRAI, although you wonder just how HIGH you even had to BE just to DO something like that.

Your interests include CARTOONS, COMICS, and NOVELS about FICTIONAL SCIENCE and sometimes WIZARDS.

You wield the PENKIND specibus, because you like to WRITE and DRAW a lot, and you like to refer to yourself as the MAGE of LAW, although in reality you are just a garden-variety ATTORNEY.

You are also a HUGE FANGIRL and your BLOG is likely to consist mostly if not entirely of COOL FAN-RELATED NONSENSE. The rest will consist of photos of your various CROCHET projects, because you are obsessed with YARN.

Meanwhile the best part of the Pokémon: Symphonic Evolutions concert (besides getting to watch it with awesome people) was the audience reactions.  When the video screen flashed a background painting of Trainer Red from Gold&Silver and the orchestra started in with the theme from that final battle, there was an enormous simultaneous cry of “OH SHIIIIIIT/OH MY GOOOOD/AAAAAAAAAAAH” from hundreds of people and it was beautiful.

New super great drinking game to play if you literally want to go blind:

Take a drink every time someone says “Maboroshi no Ginzuishou” on Sailor Moon Crystal.


The exact moment I realized that this is a brilliant show.

This Olive Garden is playing a swingy big band Frank Sinatra esque version of Wonderwall. I don’t know what is happening but I’m enjoying it.

Anniversary weekend adventures GO!

Bast and I will be attending the Pokémon Symphonic Evolutions concert tonight in Philly, then having a hotel stay.  Then tomorrowwwww, will be the Philadelphia Museum of Art and dinner at the Water Works, which we’ve always wanted to eat at because it looks so beautiful and also for other reasons.

Gonna have a goooood time tonight!  Gonna have a GOOOOOOD time tonight!


Everybody likes process pics, right?

Final piece here





This man was our president for EIGHT YEARS. We are never gonna live this down


i got the same SAT score as him, so i know where i stand

i’m not a tree i’m a bush

This is so weirdly nostalgic.

Me:  *makes a post like yeah me and Bast are gonna be at a Pokemon thing tomorrow, giving away infected ghosts, yup*

Bast:  OMG Robby just texted me asking if we’re really going to the thing because. ROBBY WILL BE THERE TOO.

Me:  *spins around on wheelie chair*  ARE YOU SERIOUS.

Bast:  I’m going to call to confirm this.

Me:  You should call immediately.  Do it now, if not sooner.

And that is the story of how we learned that we will see our kohai at the Pokemon concert tomorrow. 

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This is a starter list I made with people in mind who A) Don’t have any makeup, and/or B) Have not had access to makeup before. Makeup is expensive, and unfortunately, even this list is beyond what people can comfortably spend. However, for the same price of a palette (most of which will set you back $50+), I’ve compiled a start-to-finish shopping list that includes everything from the makeup to the tools to the cleaning products.

Below the cut is a full list of products + links, a dupe list (most if not all of these items are dupes for high end brands like MAC, NARS, and Make Up For Ever), and a coupon code. Note that for this cart, I am using a current promotion on the E.L.F website; If you are not able to make this order before the promotion expires, don’t worry, because E.L.F has several similar sales every month!

[Also, a quick note: Everything on this list is from E.L.F, one of the few drugstore makeup brands that is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. They also have the highest concentration of high-end dupes. The site/their international sites ship to several countries, but in some cases, it would be less expensive to order through a local online drugstore beauty supplier/on ebay/have a friend in the US ship it to you. I’m not affiliated with E.L.F, I’m just a fan]

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im pretty sure e.l.f brushes are not vegan, but only the brushes. all other products are vegan

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