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anglosaxonbrat asked: It's so cool to see all these posts from you and other Zim fans about his empathy, because it's something I always knew he had. He may be a jerk much of the time, but he still cares for certain people (i.e. GIR and the Tallests). Heck, "Mopiness of Doom" shows that he even has some kind of weird, frienemy-esque attachment to Dib and gets depressed if Dib stops paying attention to him. He needs to know that people care about him in one way or another or else he becomes sad. :(

Oh man, SO MUCH of Zim’s character is based on him wanting (and not getting) positive attention/reinforcement and praise.  So much so that when he absolutely does NOT get it from other people, he builds this double-thick armor of SELF-praise around himself.  At least that’s how I interpret it.  Zim tends to act pretty sure that if he works hard and does certain things he’ll be noticed and lauded by others, particularly the Tallest.  Just, stuff tends to go horribly wrong through his own failings and also things outside his control.  But y’know, he totally meant to rid the solar system of Mars, that was exactly what was supposed to happen my Tallest, will my Tallest praise Zim?  Yes of course because praise is so well deserve-ed  forZimisamazing.  FFFFFF Zim’s reaction to any kind of even sort of remotely positive reinforcement is equaled only by DIB’s reaction to a positive response to the stuff he does, in terms of making me feel things about cartoons.

Anyway I got off topic, yes Zim is a jerk but no he isn’t a jerk CONSTANTLY, yes Zim has crazy self-confidence but also yes I think it’s at least partially a method of coping with the fact that for the most part no one else has confidence in him (justifiably or no), YES Zim says Invaders need no one and that he has no feelings but NO these claims are totally not borne out by the actual evidence found in the show.

goldenheartaly asked: I saw your post on Zim's empathy. I totally agree. If you heard the episode that was unfinished 'Nubs of Doom' he actually cared if GIR got jealous over mini mouse.

Zim really often cares about GIR and his feelings, even despite GIR being such a bad evil minion a lot of the time. He tries to make GIR feel better when he’s upset while they’re lost in the city in “Walk of Doom,” for example. He also is fairly patient with GIR, especially considering how impatient he is with a lot of other things, on many occasions. Oh and, Zim is also sometimes concerned that the Tallest might be worried about him if he doesn’t report in and whatnot. They’re not, of course, but that doesn’t negate the sentiment from Zim’s side.

Zim’s a jerk at times but not ALL the time!

Anyone who DOESN’T believe Zim can be a nice person or that he cares about GIR or has a capacity for empathy needs to watch “Zim Eats Waffles” and think hard about why Zim started doing the thing that the title of the episode says he is doing. And about why he keeps doing it even after feeling sick from it.

Anyone who DOES believe Zim is angry 24/7 and can’t interact with anyone without being 100% violent and rude to them needs to watch “Zim Eats Waffles” and carefully consider Zim’s tone when declaring that the things he is eating aren’t bad and when he offers some of the things he is eating to his human test subject, Nick. And additionally note that apparently the neighbor lady decided to just drop by at some point earlier in the day, and seems to have departed unscathed.

Anyone who DOESN’T believe Zim puts himself through hell to try to be a good Invader needs to watch “Zim Eats Waffles” and listen to his explicitly stated reason for continuing to eat the waffles. And also ponder why Zim is wearing his scratchy uncomfortable contact lenses around the house.

Finally, anyone who DOES believe Zim is a completely incompetent moron at all times needs to watch “Zim Eats Waffles” and wonder where that “demon squid” came from in the first place (whether captured or created), and additionally note that Zim was able to reprogam a horde of cyborg zombie soldiers in seconds.

Seriously, watch “Zim Eats Waffles.” Here I’ll even help you do it.




the Harry Potter books are actually super awful if you actually pay attention to the words

i have no idea why the sudden topic change but nope

Argh, sorry this annoys me. I’m assuming this person is making the extremely tired “the wizarding world is a horrific dystopian mess! DON’T YOU SEE???” argument. lol nerdrage disengage, the poster didn’t mean what I assumed they meant and I’m a big dumb butt. BUT this is still an argument I hear kind of often, and have had with people I know, so I’m going to leave it up.

I have this argument with a friend sometimes and it really comes down to the fact that most children’s writers are not J.R.R. Tolkien and that’s a good thing. Sure, as an adult I sometimes wonder what it would be like to explore the idea of wizard mental health, or wondered why wizard CPS didn’t seem to exist. The answer to those questions is that information would legitimately ruin the kind of narrative flow you need for a children’s story.

Tolkien wrote a children’s book (The Hobbit), and the adult fans wanted to know every single detail about motherfucking pipe weed. So, he threw that information in the The Lord of the Rings because the dude probably never got within 50 yards of an editor. I’m sure some people are super excited to nerd out about all the different kinds of pipe weed, but you read that shit out loud to a 12 year old and they are going to throw a fit.

Rowling knows the adult fans want an entire fleshed out world where every detail is expanded on, and she also knows that would make a shitty children’s book. The books may have grown up a bit with the original audience, but the style was set from the beginning, and writers don’t just totally change narrative styles in the middle of a series. I highly doubt Rowling would even want to do that.

Just because the government isn’t fully fleshed out in the narrative, a narrative told from the point of view of an 11-17 year old boy, does not mean that wizards lived in an absurd dystopia. It just means that the information didn’t advance the story.

I get that people want Tolkien levels of detail about the wizarding world, I do too. But please know, in your hearts, that the story was written for an audience that does not include you and that they would not be interested in reading about wizarding curriculum development.

That’s not to say the world in the books isn’t messed up, but its messed up in the same kinds of ways the real world is messed up. That’s kind of the point.


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if you’re happy and you know it be a jerk

i want to ensure you didn’t miss this either

I like this. Zim goes to school and hears all these simple kiddie songs and they get stuck in his head because let’s face it kid songs are catchy and at first he’s like AUGH STUPID EARTH MUSIC IN MY BRAIN WHYYYY. But then these tunes are the first thing to come to mind to “whistle nonchalantly” because of COURSE a completely normal human whistling a traditional human earth song won’t be NOTICED or anything (floating pig what floating pig that’s nothing). And then eventually he’s just like yes all right these songs are catchy who cares and he secretly listens to toddler party CDs while he works as pictured. And thinks he’s being clever to whistle “If You’re Happy and You Know It” at Dib to express just how pleased he is with the current situation which Dib is certainly not pleased with at all. That part just reads so much like sarcasm to me. Either Zim IS intentionally using a song he knows Dib will know just to taunt him, OR these human kid songs have just become such a part of his consciousness that that was the first tune he thought of to gloat with as opposed to say an Irken song. Or both I guess. It could be both.


arrogant characters

arrogant characters refusing to admit they care about people

arrogant characters not realizing they care about people

arrogant characters realizing they care about someone after something terrible happens to them

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